USC ISI To Pilot Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence for NSF’s Largest Scientific Facilities

Author: Amy Blumenthal

Cityscape with network graphic

How to make scientific collaboration across colleagues and continents run smoothly? That’s what computer scientist, Ewa Deelman, a research director at USC ISI, does. As scientists work with myriad data points and pull in data from sensors all over the world, they need to work collaboratively utilize distributed resources to do complex scientific computations. Instead of reinventing the wheel for each project, Deelman creates computational tools for scientists to collaborate. One can say she creates the complex cyber ‘plumbing’ so that data can flow freely between, and be crunched easily by researchers to advance scientific knowledge.

Deelman’s systems have been leveraged by the Nobel Prize winning scientists who directly detected gravitational waves and by biologists and seismologists. Her lab at USC ISI will now lead an effort to conduct a pilot study for a potential Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence. Collaborating with computer scientists at the University of North Carolina’s Renaissance Computing Institute, the University of Utah, Indiana University and the University of Notre Dame she will work on developing a cyberinfrastructure blueprint that could support scientists working on various high-profile National Science Foundation (NSF) programs.

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