CI CoE: CI Compass: An NSF CI Center of Excellence for Navigating the Major Facilities Data Lifecycle

CI Compass team

About CI Compass and the Data Lifecycle

The vision for CI Compass is to be the leader in supporting and enhancing the national CI ecosystem that includes people, practical knowledge, and processes to facilitate knowledge sharing and discovery across the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Major Facilities (MFs).

The CICoE Pilot developed a data lifecycle (DLC) model that identifies specific stages of the data flow within MFs. The model captures the transformation of raw data into more interoperable and integration-ready data products that can be visualized, disseminated, and transformed into insights and knowledge.

The DLC stages are composed of data capture; initial processing near the instrument(s); central processing at data centers or clouds; data storage, curation, and archiving; and data access, dissemination, and visualization. Some CI aspects are cross-cutting through DLC stages, such as data movement functions, technologies, and policies; data representation, ontologies, and cross-domain data discovery (FAIR data); and identity management for data providers, administrators, and users, which is important to the safekeeping and policy-based sharing of the data.

Data Lifecycle

The DLC model captures the specific functions and services offered at each DLC stage, the CI supporting each stage, and the CI services that span and impact multiple DLC stages. The CI underlying the DLC is critical to enabling the MFs to fulfill their science missions.

Using the DLC, CI Compass works with MFs, contributing knowledge and expertise to enhance the overall NSF CI ecosystem. The Center aims to amplify the investments made by NSF in individual MF CI by providing expertise where needed to evolve the CI; capturing and disseminating CI knowledge and practices that power MF science breakthroughs; and brokering connections to enable knowledge sharing between and across MF CI professionals and the broader CI community. 

The CI Compass team has deep expertise in a number of areas critical to the MF DLC including data management, data processing, visualization, identity management, systems, and infrastructure. Additionally, the team has experience in the management of CI projects from the conceptualization and design phase to the broad adoption of CI.

Want to learn more? Watch CI Compass Principal Investigator and Director, Ewa Deelman's presentation: Introducing CI Compass.

Our Core Principles

In our work, we are guided by these core principles:

Scientific excellence: Eager to share our knowledge with MFs and the broader community, striving to enhance our expertise over time, seeking to build collaborations with and bridges between different scientific communities.

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Agility: Ready and willing to address pressing MF needs. Able to adapt and adjust resource allocation based on MF and community priorities, opportunities, and challenges, all while working in an efficient and effective manner. Receptive and open to feedback and change in order to excel.

Transparency: Building and maintaining the trust of MFs, NSF, and the CI community. Dedicated to sharing activities, processes, products, and best practices as the project evolves and outcomes are realized. Committed to maintaining confidentiality, where appropriate and requested, and providing unbiased, constructive advice. Leading with integrity and disclosing biases and potential conflicts of interest. Being forthcoming about what we do not yet know.

Inclusivity: Fostering a spirit of inclusiveness amongst team members and between MF and CI colleagues that recognizes, respects, and appreciates different ideas and approaches from different communities. All forms of diversity are welcomed.

Purpose-driven: Having committed team members who are motivated by MFs’ science missions, share personal satisfaction in MFs’ successes, and appreciate the impacts of their work on the community.

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