Jane Wyngaard

Photo of Jane - Wyngaard

University of Notre Dame

Jane was part of the initial prototyping proposal for CI Compass (previously CI COE). During the prototyping phase she engaged with teams at research facilities regarding current and future sensing and data capture infrastructure. The pipeline from field deployed sensors, through analytics pipelines, to multiple levels of published data product and archives is particularly complex for large scale research facilities. Recent advances in sensing, edge computing, cloud analytics and data publication are significantly enhancing research capabilities but require niche expert research support staff and system deployments. The CI COE sought to offer support to these teams and to learn for itself how to better serve this facet of Research Facilities.

Following a post-doctoral position building BigData analytics tools for Earth Science at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, she joined the University of Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing as a Computational Scientist.  There her research interests focused on building embedded and software tools that facilitated the data and control paths from sensors through to cloud services.  These included: using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems for data capture, Data analytics and Management of Embedded and Reconfigurable Systems, and managing the use of compute resources in a heterogenous Edge and HPC system.

She currently Lectures Embedded Systems and Electrical-Computer Engineering Systems In the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Cape Town, while continuing to pursue research avenues in: Edge and Reconfigurable Computer Architectures, IoT System Architectures, Drones as data capture platforms, and Automated Data Tooling for research.