Central Processing

Within the Central Processing stage, CI Compass is available to: 

  • Provide independent evaluations of data center architectures during construction/enhancement.
  • Provide advice about on-prem, cloud, hybrid, and national CI data processing solutions considering cost/performance/robustness tradeoffs.
  • Assist in designing cloud migration strategies and cloud architectures for large-scale data storage and processing considering Major Facilities focused evaluation criteria. 
  • Discuss up-to-date CI development practices: DevOps, CI/CD, and testing. 
  • Assist in designing or enhancing infrastructure monitoring services for failure and anomaly detection; discuss effective CI troubleshooting approaches.
  • Leverage existing testbeds to evaluate new software stacks and configurations during CI design/enhancements.
  • Assist in orchestrating services within the data center, considering performance and resilience.
  • Assist in enhancing network infrastructure, considering real-time constraints, resilience, egress, etc. 
  • Explore event-based processing, data processing automation for high throughput and robustness. 

Need more information? 

For relevant resources, please visit the Resource Library. To contact the CI Compass Team with questions or requests, please email contact@ci-compass.org.