Data Access, Dissemination & Visualization

Within the Data Access, Dissemination & Visualization stage, CI Compass is available to:

  • Assist in leveraging large-scale data movement tools for efficient delivery of data to scientists and other facilities (computing centers, external institutions).
  • Assist in leveraging portal tools, including technologies for web-based user interfaces.
  • Provide advice on data streaming technologies (on-demand processing, analytics, and visualization) for a better user experience.
  • Provide advice on data discovery solutions and approaches, including making data FAIR (might involve multiple DLC stages). This includes aiding in the creation and adoption of community-driven standardized vocabularies and ontologies as well as assisting in the creation of local vocabularies and ontologies and harmonizing these community standards, where needed.
  • Assist in designing data visualization solutions (tools, formats, proofs of concept, etc.) for enhancing data discoverability and accessibility.
  • Critique web-based user interfaces, help explore server-side vs client-side processing tradeoffs.
  • Help evaluate identity management solutions for managing user data access and data usage reporting.

Need more information? 

For relevant resources, please visit the Resource Library. To contact the CI Compass Team with questions or requests, please email