2020 Cyberinfrastructure/Cybersecurity Workshop

(part of a series)

Location: Virtual

Focused on the special needs of the research and education community, ResearchSOC webinars and workshops provide on-demand, how-to training for cyberinfrastructure and cybersecurity professionals supporting open science research projects.

On August 18 and 20, ResearchSOC (the NSF Security Operations Center) and CI CoE Pilot (the NSF Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence Pilot) will host the 2020 Cyberinfrastructure/Cybersecurity Workshop, a virtual training and community building event for cybersecurity and cyberinfrastructure professionals.

Susan Sons, deputy director of ResearchSOC, and Ewa Deelman, the PI of the CI CoE Pilot, provide a preview of the workshop and some of the presentations below.

From Susan:

“Going into the fall, we have a gap before the NSF Cybersecurity Summit where we weren’t getting the cybersecurity community together. The workshop gives us a chance to get people together and do some useful how-tos for CI practitioners and to share the things we’ve been learning during the pandemic. This workshop is a partnership between ResearchSOC and CI CoE Pilot. All the content will be on-the-ground, hands-on—not theoretical.

“In addition to the content presentations, we will offer office hours so CI practitioners can reach out to get advice on a certain topic. Attendees can sign up to get directed to someone with the right resources.

“We will have content from ResearchSOC on cybersecurity specifically on operations and monitoring. We will also feature Daniel Lapine, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, who will be presenting about their professional development program, the NCSA Cyberinfrastructure Professional Intern Program (CIP). It’s a kind of adult internship program they have developed to help deal with workforce shortages in cyberinfrastructure. I’m personally looking forward to that one.”

From Ewa:

“The mission of the CI CoE Pilot is to provide leadership, expertise, and active support to cyberinfrastructure practitioners at NSF Large Facilities and throughout the research ecosystem. This is a great opportunity for us to engage with the CI community, talk about and share our experiences related to the data lifecycle within the large facilities and build new connections between cyberinfrastructure and cybersecurity practitioners.

“We are now all experimenting with virtual meetings, and I hope that the mix of office hours/forums, panels, and presentations will make this an engaging event. We will have Slack channels available to provide us with feedback on how we can make things better and what topics you would like to see discussed in future events.

“The CI topics are varied and touch upon several elements of the data lifecycle including workflow management, data visualization, and making your data FAIR among others. The trend of including clouds as part of the overall CI is growing and yet many questions remain. Bring your questions for Rob Ricci during the office hours and attend and question the panel of experts: David Hancock (Jetstream), Benedikt Reidel (IceCube), and Mike Stanfield (ResearchSOC) about their experiences with clouds for science.