Webinar: NSF, the Nelson Memo, and Persistent Identifiers


Location: Virtual

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CI Compass is pleased to announce its next installment in our webinar series: NSF, the Nelson Memo, and Persistent Identifiers, with Martin Halbert, National Science Foundation (NSF) Science Advisor for Public Access, and Shawna Sadler, Head of Outreach and Partnerships at ORCID.

This webinar will be held: Tuesday, January 31, from 2 - 3 p.m. EST / 11 a.m. - noon PST.

Registration is free, and required.

Abstract: The Nelson Memo requires funding agencies like the NSF to update their public access policies and requires the adoption of persistent identifiers to ensure research integrity is maintained. Please join us for a webinar about the Nelson Memo and persistent identifiers and how they will impact your research facility. We will also discuss expectations of repositories, curation and release of the data, and an NSF timeline of changes resulting from the memo.


Martin Halbert

Martin Halbert is the NSF Science Advisor for Public Access. In this role he leads the programmatic activities of the NSF aimed at advancing the understanding and adoption of open science practices utilizing public access mechanisms, and agency efforts to ensure that research products arising from NSF-funded projects are publicly accessible. Halbert has an interdisciplinary PhD from Emory University. His research and primary areas of expertise include Open Science policy, scientific research repositories, research support services, and strategies for building inter-institutional collaborative alliances to advance new research functions.

Shawna Sadler

Shawna heads up Outreach & Partnerships at ORCID, building strategic relationships worldwide and exploring new opportunities for adoption and growth.

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