CI4MF 2024 - Collaboration in Action

(part of a series)

Location: Long Beach, California

Image from Hyatt Regency, Long Beach, California

CI Compass is hosting the 2024 NSF Cyberinfrastructure for Major Facilities Workshop (CI4MF 2024), to be held in Long Beach, California, on January 17 and 18, 2024. This meeting is by invitation-only and will be held in-person, with select talks being streamed online. There is no registration fee for this event, however, registration is required.

The goal of this workshop is for the MFs, CI community, and NSF to share best practices, discuss opportunities, and brainstorm solutions to the challenges we face today and in the future as they relate to the CI for NSF Major Facilities. The main theme of this workshop is “Collaboration in Action,” emphasizing the need for collaboration to address both technical and social challenges faced by our community. Participants will engage in a wide ranging set of topics that will be prioritized based on community input in Fall 2023. This meeting will include keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, and ample time for networking. The workshop builds on our prior 2022 CI4MF workshop.

Expected attendees include representatives from NSF MFs, related CI community projects, and funding agencies. CI Compass looks forward to cross-institutional discussions amongst researchers, practitioners, and experts in the fields to share best practices, knowledge, and solutions.

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure in the Directorate for Computer Information Science under Grant #2127548.

Please reach out to us with inquiries, especially for the following:

If you have not received an invitation and would like to participate, please let us know: Please note that space is limited, so we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

If you have received an invitation and would like to help by giving a presentation, organizing a panel, or leading a session, please let us know as well: