Panel hosted by Iterative: Regulation and the Imperative for Reproducibility and Standardization in AI/ML


Location: Virtual

Join this panel discussion featuring CI Compass's Knowledge Engineering and AI Expert, Charles Vardeman.

From Iterative:

Join us for a thought-provoking and insightful virtual gathering as we delve into questions surrounding the Regulation of AI/ML and the need for Reproducibility and Standardization of processes in light of those regulations. Our panelists hail from the worlds of Finance and Banking, Drug Discovery, and Academia, areas at the forefront of navigating the regulation of AI/ML. They will share their perspectives on these issues through their experience in their industries.


1. Alex Hasha - Financial Industry
- With a wealth of experience in the financial sector, Alex will shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities AI/ML poses in the financial landscape. Learn about the regulatory landscape and the quest for reproducibility in financial AI/ML.
2. Estefania Barreto-Ojeda - Drug Discovery Industry
- Discover the impact of AI/ML in drug discovery and the crucial role of standardization in ensuring reproducibility. Estefania will share her work in the biotechnology domain, providing insights into navigating regulatory hurdles by setting up standards for reproducibility while harnessing the potential of advanced technologies.
3. Charles Vardeman - Academia - Knowledge Engineering and AI Expert with CI Compass, and Computational Scientist in the University of Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing, and Research Assistant Professor in the College of Computer Science and Engineering.
- Explore the academic perspective on AI/ML regulation and the importance of reproducibility in research. Charles will discuss the collaborative efforts between academia and industry in shaping ethical practices, standards, and compliance.

Moderator: Jeny De Figueiredo, Community Manager, DVC

Watch the livestream here: