CI4MF 2024: Invited Talk - Designing Cyberinfrastructure for the Antarctic Research Vessel, Mike Prince

This invited talk, "Designing Cyberinfrastructure for the Antarctic Research Vessel," was given by Mike Prince, NSF/GEO/OPP/AIL, at the CI4MF 2024 workshop, held in Long Beach, California.

About this talk:

"The Antarctic Research Vessel (ARV) Project involves the design and eventual construction and delivery of a new icebreaking research vessel to replace the current vessel, Nathaniel B. Palmer. The project is just finishing the preliminary design phase and Cyberinfrastructure is a key component of the design focus. As a research vessel, the ARV is a floating laboratory and data gathering system operating in the harsh environments of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Early planning is critical to ensure that data from all the installed instrumentation and that brought on board by embarked scientists is captured, distributed, analyzed and archived. In addition, modern day ships systems such as propulsion, navigation, communications and life support all rely on a robust cyberinfrastructure. This talk will give an overview of the process and extent of the Cyberinfrastructure design for ARV."

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