CI4MF 2024: Panel: Coordinating and Combining Data Processing, Movements, and Storage: Supporting MF in Latin America and Caribbean, Julio Ibarra

This presentation, "Supporting Major Facilities in Latin America and Caribbean," was given by Julio Ibarra, research professor and principal investigator, AmLight, on Thursday, January 18, 2024, at the CI4MF 2024 workshop hosted in Long Beach, California. This presentation was part of the Panel: Coordinatg and Combining Data Processing, Movements, and Storage.

About the panel:

Major facilities use a wide variety of approaches to acquire, process and store many types of data in support of their goals. A common thread however is the ever increasing speed at which these processes take place and wider and wider bandwidths and storage volumes required to support them. Simultaneously, advances in hardware and software allow for rethinking and repositioning of where some of the steps in these workflows take place. The general paradigm of acquire-transport-store-process gives way to more flexible pipelines where some of the intelligence and computation is migrating closer to the source of the data or into the network. This panel will discuss how different and diverse facilities deal with orchestrating the processes supporting their data acquisition and processing workflows and where they see future trends taking them.

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