Webinar: Commercial Cloud Solutions with Bob Flynn


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The CI Compass Webinar: Commercial Cloud Solutions with Bob Fynn was originally hosted on Friday, September 2, 2022.

Abstract: While public clouds offer the promise of greater efficiency and other benefits to scientific projects, major concerns still arise regarding various risks associated with a full migration to the cloud. There is entire commerce around managing deployments within cloud environments, suggesting it's not as do-it-yourself as on-premises management. Scientific projects must consider all pros and cons and risks associated with moving to the cloud. A rushed migration without a clear strategy can end up costing the project more than necessary, with existing legacy applications consuming cloud resources and generating costs at an alarming rate.

In this webinar, Bob Flynn (Internet2) and Jarek Nabrzyski (CI Compass) will discuss the major aspects that need to be taken into consideration by scientists when they think about migrating to the cloud.

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