Collaborating with the CI Compass Fellowship Program

For Major Facilities

Raja Ali stands with his poster at NCAR.
Raja Ali stands with his poster at NCAR.


CI Compass is currently recruiting Major Facility Partners for the CICF Program. 

Major Facilities can engage in many ways, including:

  • providing feedback on the program structure and content,
  • participating as a guest speaker during the Spring Program, and
  • working with the CICF team to provide opportunities during the Summer Program for Student Fellows.

We are currently seeking MFs partners who can provide Student Fellows with summer experiences at MFs starting summer 2024 and beyond.

For Faculty Mentors

CI Compass is currently recruiting Faculty Mentors for CICF. Faculty Mentors will assist with the following:

During the Fall Semester:

  • Help recruit potential Student Fellows by distributing CICF recruitment announcements to undergraduate students in Faculty Mentor’s department and school, and reaching out directly to potentially interested students.  

During the Spring Semester: 

  • Provide course credit or auditing options for their students based on Faculty Mentor’s institutional requirements, if possible
  • Hold check-ins with student fellows to determine if students need additional support.
  • Hold meetings with CI Compass Leadership to provide feedback. 
  • If possible, present the Faculty Mentor’s research regarding cyberinfrastructure, the data lifecycle, or related areas of study to CICF fellows. 

Faculty Mentors will receive a stipend and support from the CI Compass team for your time and expertise. Faculty Mentors can also help shape the program and use the program materials for the courses at their home institutions. 

Through this Fellowship Program, we hope to show undergraduate students exciting potential future careers in cyberinfrastructure and Major Facilities!

Need more information?

If you are interested in becoming a partnering Major Facility, Faculty Mentor, or learning more about the program, please email (