Student Fellowships

Students involved with CI Compass will learn about real-world cyberinfrastructure challenges, and how to begin solving them for NSF Major Facilities

The NSF Cyberinfrastructure Center of Excellence, CI Compass, offers a distinctive Student Research and Fellowship Program for undergraduate students pursuing studies in computer science, information science, data science, applied mathematics and statistics, embedded systems, communications, and social sciences related to cyberinfrastructure.

Cyberinfrastructure, or CI, encompasses computing systems, data storage systems, advanced instruments, and data repositories, visualization environments, and people all linked together by software and high-performance networks to improve research productivity and enable breakthroughs otherwise not possible.

Students accepted into the program are paired with a mentor and a research project. Fellows participate in CI Compass-related workshops and webinars, NSF Major Facilities-related symposia and workshops, and be a part of a community that fosters research and collaboration. This fellowship also provides exposure to different research techniques, instrumentation, and literature, as well as interdisciplinary research and presentations.

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The fellowship spans 12 weeks in the Spring semester and 6 weeks into the Summer. Students participating in the program will be given credits for work during the Spring semester, and paid for the Summer. The students are also offered the option to participate in a professional conference in the Fall.

This fellowship allows students to participate in workgroups addressing challenges within the data lifecycle of NSF Major Facilities. By the end of the fellowship, each student gives a presentation of their research at the CI Compass Symposium. Fellows also submit weekly reports, and will receive evaluations and feedback on their symposium presentation, summary research video, and project plan benchmarks.

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Applications are closed for Spring 2022. New opportunities will be announced Fall 2022.

The Student Research and Fellowship Program is supported by the National Science Foundation Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure in the Directorate for Computer Information Science under Grant #2127548.

Need more information? 

The Student Research and Fellowship Program is co-directed by Angela Murillo and Jarek Nabrzyski. For more information on the program, please email