CI Compass Webinar: CI Compass Fellowship Program - Broadening Undergraduate Student Participation in Cyberinfrastructure


Location: Online

Summer 22 Day 1 01

CI Compass is pleased to announce its next installment in our webinar series.

This webinar will be held:
Wednesday, November 9 at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET.
Registration is free, and required.
Details for registration are below.
This webinar will feature
Angela Murillo (Indiana University) and Jarek Nabrzyski (University of Notre Dame), co-Directors of the CI Compass Student Fellowship Program (CICF) and co-PIs of CI Compass. The webinar will also feature Erik Scott (University of North Carolina), who is the technical training lead for the CICF.

CICF aims to provide fellows with the opportunity to learn about CI development and the NSF Major Facilities, develop CI-related skill sets that are important to work with the Major Facilities, and engage with CI Compass and Major Facility personnel through a virtual training and research program, and related professional workshops/symposia. The CICF program consists of a Spring Technical and Research Training Program (virtual) and a Summer hands-on project-based program. One goal of this program is to  connect students with NSF Major Facilities partners and centers serving their science missions.

During its inaugural year, student fellows worked with CI Compass team members and utilized the Chameleon Cloud testbed, Pegasus Workflow Management System, and HTCondor for job management to classify lake zooplankton. CI Compass' goal for 2023 is to have CICF Students Fellows at MFs for the summer portion of the fellowship program.

In this webinar, Murillo and Nabrzyski will provide an overview of the program, describe the outcomes of the first year of the program and goals for the second year, and open the floor to discussion on how MFs can get involved in the future.

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